About us


My name is Paul Barrett and my dogs name is Daisy (she's the boss)

I started Shooter's Paradise out of my garage in November 2009 with light gun smithing and gun sales.That was going well but I needed more room, So I opened up a new store in Sioux City, IA on Morningside Ave. in April 2010.

The people that come in are GREAT, some look , some buy, and some have coffee and shoot the breeze (no pun intended ). I have met many new friends and look forward to making many more.

I try hard to keep prices competitive and to order merchandise on request.

I myself, am an avid outdoor enthusiast as well as a firearm believer in personal protection. It is our right as citizens, and that right is protected by the second amendment.

Stop in and say hi.





Store Hours

SUN          CLOSED

MON          CLOSED

TUE           9:15 - 4:00

WED          9:15 - 7:00

THUR         9:15 - 7:00

FRI             9:15 - 7:00

SAT            9:15 - 2:00